Southside Fire Station REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Architectural Services

The City of Ottawa requests proposal to provide architectural schematic design services from qualified firms.  

Proposals will be accepted until noon local time, Wednesday, February 27, 2019.  Proposals received after that date and time will not be opened or considered.  Proposals will be reviewed by the City of Ottawa evaluation team.  Provide four (4) copies and an electronic version of the required information, in sealed envelope identified on the outside with:

Southside Fire Station Architectural Services RFP


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to seek qualifications and a sealed proposal from architectural firms for planning and to produce conceptual/schematic designs for a new fire station.  The designated architect will develop conceptual designs, layouts, renderings and cost estimates.


Architectural firms shall provide the following items:

Space Needs Analysis – A broad brush evaluation of space needs for fire department that considers existing needs and future growth.  The City envisions the facility may include but not limited to the following: single story substation to accommodate up to eight personal, three stall double-deep apparatus bay, sleeping quarters, fitness room, training/public meeting room, community storm shelter, administrative offices and future growth. 

Schematic Design – Consultant shall ascertain the requirements of the project and shall prepare conceptual design of a site plan, floor plans and elevation.  Exterior design shall compliment the surrounding neighborhood.

Cost Estimate – The Consultant shall prepare a cost estimate of the proposed project.


City of Ottawa recently purchased an ‘L’ shaped property consisting of 3.15 acres with frontage on McKinley and Seminole Drive to potentially construct a new fire station.  This station would replace the current one located at 1301 State Street, about a ¼ mile east of this property.


Submission Requirements: Respondents shall submit a package that contains the information requested in this RFP.  Submissions should include the following general information in the sequence listed herein:

  1. Cover Letter.  The cover letter should demonstrate your firm’s understanding of the requirements related to the submission and summarize your firm’s qualifications and relevant experience.  The letter should be signed by someone authorized to enter into an agreement with the City.
  2. Project Approach.  Describe your firm’s plan for approaching the project based on the scope of services outlined in this RFP.  
  3. Proposed project time line
  4. Qualifications and availability to undertake the project
  5. Provide a narrative describing your firm’s unique qualification as they pertain to similar projects.
  6. Provide a statement on the availability and commitment of your firm, its principal(s) and assigned professionals to undertake the Project.
  7. Experience with providing Architectural and Design Services
  8. Provide information on your firm’s experience for projects with similar scope of work.  List the projects in order of priority, with the most relevant project listed first.  Provide the following information for each project listed: • Project name, location and description; • Color images (photographic or reproductions);
  9. References.  Provide a list of at least (3) three references names and contact information.
  10. Company Background.  Provide a brief firm history including the number of years in business, names of members of the firm leadership, organizational structure and a description of the firm’s philosophy.
  11. Qualifications of Design Team.  Identify all members of the design team, including all proposed consultants, providing a summary of qualifications of the assembled team and detailed resumes of key personnel who will be assigned to the project. 
  12. Other Provide any other information you deem appropriate and useful in assisting in architect selection.


Sealed proposal should be in accordance with the terms, conditions and requirements set forth in this RFP.  Interested parties should submit four (4) copies of their proposal labeled with “Southside Fire Station Architectural Services RFP ” and deliver to the address below no later than Noon on February 27, 2019.  Proposals received after this time may be returned unopened.  Faxed or emailed proposals will not be accepted.


Tami Koppen, City Planner, City of Ottawa, 301 West Madison Street, Ottawa Illinois, 61350

Questions regarding this RFP may be made via email: or

Phone: 815-433-0161 ext. 240.


The City of Ottawa reserves the right to accept or reject any or all submissions.  All submissions become the property of the City of Ottawa.  The City will evaluate each proposal based on the documentation requested herein, utilizing criteria, which includes, but is not necessarily limited to the following:

DESCRIPTION                                                                                                              WEIGHTED %

1. The proposal’s responsiveness to the requested information                         

2. How well the proposal matches the needs of the City of Ottawa                    

3. The qualifications and experience of personnel committed to the project   

4. The proposed timeline for completion of services

5. The proposed fee structure    

6. Proximity of firm to project location