GIS Coordinator

The City of Ottawa seeks a part-time, three days a week Geographic Information System Technician/Coordinator to be responsible for and maintain, update and share Ottawa’s GIS system which includes utilities, zoning, economic development districts, corporate boundaries and floodplain data

Ottawa is a progressive town of 18,500 locate in the center of north central Illinois on Interstate-80. Ottawa maintains a robust GIS system that includes water, sanitary and storm mains, lidar contours, flood plain maps along with imbedded rim & flowline elevations, sanitary videos, etc.

Essential functions include:

  • Create maps for by the city, consulting firms and utility companies.
  • Keep GIS data up-to-date through various methods: digitizing GIS features, geo-referencing images, incorporating data from engineering CAD files and plans, and adding GPS data.
  • Support Public Works by providing on-line maps for field reference and data collection.
  • Provide selective GIS data in the required formats to consulting firms, the 911 System and Census Bureau.
  • Perform GIS data base management to efficiently store and extract data including defining relationships, subtypes and domains. Analyze, troubleshoot and improve existing GIS data and its application in GIS.
  • Perform spatial analysis such as buffering and clipping to extract, locate and analyze map features.

Requires experience in ArcGIS mapping software including ArcMap, ArcGIS On-Line and Collector. Programming experience to automate GIS functions and improve the user interface is desired. Bachelor of Science in geography or computer science preferred.  Salary commensurate with abilities and qualifications.

Interested parties should submit a resume, along with copies of valid licenses referenced above on or before April 26, 2019 to:

Mayor Robert Eschbach
City of Ottawa
301 West Madison Street
Ottawa, Illinois  61350 (with GIS Coordinator in subject line)