2019 Rain Barrel Program

The City of Ottawa Rain Barrel Program is an environmental initiative of the Ottawa is Blooming Committee, which is tasked with helping Ottawa Blossom through gardening, recognition of historic preservation efforts, celebrating Ottawa’s culture, promoting the arts, and implementation of environmental projects.

The City of Ottawa Rain Barrel Program extends the city’s partnership with The Conservation Foundation, which was established in 2013 with the creation of Dayton Bluffs Preserve.

There are many benefits to purchasing a rain barrel. Rain barrels are containers that capture rainwater for later use in your garden, house plants, or to wash your car. Rain barrels effectively reduce the amount of rainwater that reaches the city’s sewer system and can help prevent the occurrence of drainage backups. City -wide use can help reduce flooding, as every gallon captured matters! The barrels also reduce pollution by capturing water that would otherwise mix with pesticides and automobile fluids that eventually flow to the river. Water usage is also reduced when residents purchase a rain barrel.

The City of Ottawa Rain Barrel Program is consistent with city’s Combined Sewer Separation Long -term Control Plan and the Ottawa Flood Commission’s Campaign for Public Information.

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