Ottawa is currently working on a streetscape and parking plan for the downtown to upgrade the streetscape atmosphere and aesthetics. The public sidewalks between the roadways and the building/store fronts remain in Ottawa, as in many downtowns, a primary part of the public realm. This pedestrian system must be a safe and attractive place to promote pedestrian activity and public enjoyment throughout the downtown district. This can be accomplished by adding street trees, landscaping where possible, street furniture and civic art, as well as creating guidelines to promote attractive business signage.

The project area, shown below, consists of three blocks on LaSalle Street in the downtown area that would serve as a prototypical design for future phases for other parts of downtown. Alternatives for parking configuration within the project area include standard parallel parking on both sides of the street and “California” style with angled parking on one side and parallel on the other. Pedestrian scale streetlights have been installed along the three block area to create an attractive character and make the sidewalks more pedestrian friendly. Other recommendations include the addition of streetscape enhancements such as new, healthy trees, benches, trash receptacles, decorative paving, and planters.

LaSalle Street Concept Plans (Smith Group JJR)

Rigden Park Illustrative Concept Plans
(Al Davis & Associates)

Riverfront Illustrative Concept Plans
(Basalay Cary & Alstadt)

Sketch of LaSalle Street
From: Ottawa Central District Urban Design Plan (Brown/Heldt Associates 1977)

LaSalle Street Concept Photos (Smith Group JJR)