Images of different types of uses and treatments for streets, alleys and streetscapes were also part of the survey. The scores for these images ranged from Image No. 161 (+3.20) to Image No. 217 (1.22). Landscaping and pedestrian friendly features were common in the higher rated images. The following two images each have a large amount of landscaping along the streets.

The less than desirable images included a lack of landscaping and an unfriendly atmosphere. Street trees are either not required or had not been placed at the time of the photos. Some participants stated that street trees create the feeling of safety when placed between streets and the sidewalks. Another comment was that trees break up the continuous rows of buildings.

Image No. 161 +3.20

Image No. 173 -0.01

Image No. 170 +2.65

Image No. 217 -1.22

Image No. 192 +2.54

Image No. 178 -0.40

Image No. 199 -1.06

Image No. 158 -0.11