City of Ottawa, Illinois

Commissioner James Less has announced a City of Ottawa street reconstruction project on 4-H Road is scheduled to begin Monday, May 7, 2018.  The work will extend from Adams Street west to the city limits at the 4-H Fair Grounds.  Weather permitting, it is expected to be completed by the beginning of September.

He advises the work will include: removal of the existing road, widening and construction in the right-of-way of the new street, concrete curb and gutter, installation of 5 blocks of new storm sewer lines and sidewalks on the south side of the street.   

Signage will be posted on Adams Street and Route 71 regarding the work and that the area is restricted to “local traffic only”.   There may be occasions when traffic will be detoured to side streets while contractors cross both lanes of 4-H Road.  Drivers that usually travel thru the area are encouraged to find alternate routes whenever possible during the project’s construction.  Those that must drive there for access to their property are reminded to be aware of the construction activity, equipment, workers, temporary rerouting of traffic lanes and allow themselves extra travel time.

Commissioner Less adds that like most roadway projects, there will be noise, dust, traffic and parking issues but asks for the public’s patience and understanding during this time of temporary inconvenience.

The City of Ottawa is excited to be providing these roadway and drainage improvements and is confident the new sidewalk will be an amenity for residents and provide a safe route for pedestrians.