City of Ottawa, Illinois

Clerk Overview

The City Clerk is an appointed official responsible for maintaining the official City Seal and the official records of the City of Ottawa. The City Clerk attends meetings of the City Council, keeps a record of its proceedings, publishes and attests to all resolutions and ordinances and contracts passed by the City Council and seals and attests to all contracts of the City, as well as other licenses, permits, and documents. The City Clerk is responsible for all City election responsibilities not assumed by La Salle County.



Shelly Munks
City Clerk
815-433-0161 ext. 117
815-433-2270 Fax

Alaina Rivers
Deputy City Clerk
815-433-0161 ext. 123
815-433-2270 Fax

Wayne A. Eichelkraut, Jr.
Commissioner of Accounts & Finance
815-433-0161 Phone
815-433-2270 Fax

301 W. Madison Street
Ottawa, IL  61350