The Goddess of Liberty - Civil War Monument
Listing of Soldiers

Henshaw's Battery - Light Artillery

Sgt. Patrick O'Connor Deer Park Twp. Died 2-10-1863
Sgt. Daniel Wheeler Freedom Twp. K.I.A. 11-16-1863
Pvt. George H. Barber Freedom Twp. Died 5-16-1863
Pvt. Mahlon D. Corey Freedom Twp. Died 2-11-1863
Pvt. William McAleer Deer Park Twp. Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Joseph C. Moore Waltham Twp. Died 11-24-1863
Pvt. Alden R. Seaman Rutland Twp. Died 3-1-1863
Pvt. Hugh Turney Ottawa Died 8-4-1863
Pvt. Wallace Wilson Ottawa Died 5-27-1865