The Goddess of Liberty - Civil War Monument
Listing of Soldiers

Cogswell's Battery - Light Artillery

Sgt. Chancey Hawley Farm Ridge Twp. Died 5-15-1862
Pvt. Henry Babcock Rutland Twp. Died 2-19-1865
Pvt. David Bartram LaSalle Died 6-23-1864
Pvt. Eli A. Beardsley Freedom Twp. Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. William Coleman Dayton Died 10-15-1864
Pvt. Jacob Englehart Ottawa K.I.A. 4-11-1864
Pvt. Lars Egerness Leland Leland Died 7-16-1864
Pvt. Thomas L. Egerness Leland K.I.A. 5-19-1862
Pvt. Rodney Howard Freedom Twp. Died 7-24-1862
Pvt. William Humphrey Tonica K.I.A. 4-11-1864
Pvt. Ralph Kellogg Ottawa Died 1-29-1863
Pvt. Yance Oleson Leland Died 10-28-1862
Pvt. John Olson Leland K.I.A. 4-11-1864
Pvt. William Ryan Ottawa Died 4-12-1864
Pvt. Clark Shackleton Ottawa Died 2-22-1864
Pvt. Othello Smith Leland Died 5-17-1864
Pvt. John Snow Ottawa Died 1-28-1863
Pvt. Orasmus Swarthout LaSalle Died 7-11-1865