The Goddess of Liberty - Civil War Monument
Listing of Soldiers

4th Cavalry Regiment

Non-Commissioned Staff
Rgt. Sadler William H. Alexander
Ottawa Died (Date unknown)

Company A

Pvt. Henry A. Ellsworth
Ottawa Died 6-26-1863
Pvt. John Minique Ottawa Died 3- -1862
Pvt. John Rendle Ottawa Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Gottlieb G. Wehowskey Ottawa Died 2-3-1862

Company B

Pvt. Franklin Beamer
Ottawa Died 2-8-1862
Pvt. David P. Call Ottawa Died 5-31-1862
Pvt. George W. Figley Ottawa Died 2-15-1862
Pvt. Samuel Kirk Ottawa Died 8-27-1862

Company C

Pvt. Henry Luckford
Serena Died 4-27-1862
Pvt. Isaac Stafford Earlville Died 8-30-1864
Pvt. Jonathan P. Warner Ottawa Died 3-8-1862

Company D

Pvt. A. Lish
Ottawa Died 2-11-1864

Company E
Sgt. Charles Hartshorn
LaSalle Died 5-4-1862
Pvt. William Barry LaSalle Died 12-18-1862
Pvt. John W. Breeman LaSalle Died 9-30-1864
Pvt. Levi M. Hoyt Deer Park Twp. Died 9-15-1864
Pvt. William Raney Wenona Died (Date unknown)

Company F

Pvt. Henry Messenger
Ottawa Died 9-5-1862
Pvt. James Near Ottawa Died 2-22-1862

Company H

Pvt. Levi F. Connick
Earlville Died 7-21-1864
Pvt. William H. Knapp Ottawa Died 2-7-1862

Company I
Pvt. George D. Avery
Earl Twp. K.I.A. 1-2-1865
Pvt. Conrad Bradigan Earl Twp. Died 4-1-1862
Pvt. Thomas Branan Earl Twp. Died 2-22-1862
Pvt. John B. Davidson Earl Twp. Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Henry C. Doty Earl Twp. Died 6-2-1862
Pvt. John Hiser Earl Twp. Died 4-24-1862
Pvt. Robert C. Hume Earl Twp. K.I.A. 2-6-1862
Pvt. Elliot L. Hyde Earl Twp. K.I.A. 12-5-1862
Pvt. Lycurgus Hyde Earl Twp. K.I.A. 7-13-1862
Pvt. Oliver Petia Earlville Died 4-14-1864
Pvt. Alexander B. Phillips Earl Twp. Died 2-27-1862
Pvt. Alexander C. Smith Earl Twp. Died 4-26-1862
Pvt. Jacob N. Stevens Earl Twp. Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Edwin H. Thomas Earl Twp. Died 3-14-1862
Pvt. Mengo L. Wagner Earl Twp. Died 3-13-1864

Company M

Pvt. David Anderson
Ottawa Died 9-6-1863
Pvt. Lewis K. Willis Peru Died 3-15-1864