The Goddess of Liberty - Civil War Monument
Listing of Soldiers

11th Infantry Regiment

Company H
1st Sgt. Charles A. Bedard 

LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Sgt. F. Daniel McIsaac    LaSalle Died (Date unknown)
Cpl. John Campagne          Peru K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Cpl. John McPhedron LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Cpl. George Oldfield  Marseilles K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Cpl. Roger Quinlisk   LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Cpl. James Wood LaSalle Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. George Acklin LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1864
Pvt. George Barker   Peru Died 11-11-1862
Pvt. Henry Collins Ottawa K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. Henry Corwin LaSalle Died 4-6-1862
Pvt. John Curtis Ottawa  K.I.A. 4-6-1862
Pvt. Thomas Dewyer  LaSalle Died 10-28-1864
Pvt. Robert Ewing Ottawa Died 11-16-1863
Pvt. Frederick Gothe Peru Died 6-22-1863
Pvt. Michael McGowan LaSalle Died 2-4-1864
Pvt. Miles Osburn LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. Ira L. Smith Ottawa K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. John Smith Ottawa Died 8-25-1863
Pvt. Theodric Snow LaSalle K.I.A. 4-6-1862
Pvt. George Stahl  LaSalle Died 9-8-1863
Pvt. George Swap LaSalle Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Adam Wragg LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. George Wright Peru  K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. William Yarnell LaSalle Died (Date unknown)
Company I
Cpl. Charles D. Hinman
Eden Twp. K.I.A. 7-2-1863
Pvt. Joseph H. Black   Tonica Died 3-5-1862
Pvt. Franklin Graves  Hope Twp. Died 8-21-1862
Pvt. Benjamin F. Hutson Hope Twp. Died 11-22-1862
Pvt. Samuel R. Robinson Hope Twp. Died 3-17-1862
Company K
Capt. Henry H. Carter
LaSalle  K.I.A. 4-6-1862
Sgt. Henry J. Lewis LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Sgt. Theodore K. Nunan LaSalle Died 8-13-1862
Cpl. John W. Bond  LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Cpl. William J. Castles LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Cpl. William Gay LaSalle Died (Date unknown)
Cpl. Joseph Holland Utica K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. Calvin Alvord LaSalle Died 8-6-1864
Pvt. William Barton  LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. John A. Bishop LaSalle Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Edwin H. Carter LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. Isaiah Clark Utica  Died 11-20-1861
Pvt. Thomas Conley LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. James Drummond LaSalle Died 7-26-1864
Pvt. Asher Glass   LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. John Glostner   LaSalle  Died 7-5-1861
Pvt. Thomas Goings  LaSalle  K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. Henry Hubbard  LaSalle  Died 9-8-1862
Pvt. Charles Johnson LaSalle  Died 8-14-1864
Pvt. Frank Jones  LaSalle  K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. Albert Marks  LaSalle  Died 11-22-1861
Pvt. William H. McAdams  Utica  K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. John W. Patterson LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. John F. Pearson LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. Charles W. Sadler   LaSalle Died 3-26-1862
Pvt. Ruenselear Schermerhorn LaSalle K.I.A. 2-15-1862
Pvt. Levant M. Thompson  LaSalle Died 8-29-1862
Pvt. Isaac Vanderbilt  Ottawa  Died 6-9-1862

Pvt. Morris A. Wheeler

LaSalle Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Wesley C. Williams LaSalle Died 3-6-1862