The Goddess of Liberty - Civil War Monument
Listing of Soldiers

90th Infantry Regiment

Company K
Sgt. George Daugherty
LaSalle Died 12-20-1863
Sgt. Lawrence T. Riordan Ottawa Died 5-14-1864
Cpl. John Barry Ottawa Died 2-20-1864
Cpl. Patrick Cox Ottawa Died 7-23-1864
Pvt. John Duffy Ottawa Died 10-23-1863
Pvt. James Hanley LaSalle Died 9-4-1863
Pvt. Timothy Kalley Ottawa Died 4-12-1865
Pvt. Robert Kelley Seneca Died 1-26-1864
Pvt. John Laycock Ottawa Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Edward Slaney Ottawa Died 12-20-1863
Pvt. John Weston Ottawa Died 1-2-1864