The Goddess of Liberty - Civil War Monument
Listing of Soldiers

88th Infantry Regiment

Company B
Sgt. Robert Harryman
Tonica Died 3-22-1865
Pvt. James E. Barber Tonica Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Charles Dilfort Tonica Died 5-30-1864
Pvt. John B. Dunham Tonica K.I.A. 6-27-1864
Pvt. George Gilmer Tonica Died 1-13-1864
Pvt. Nathan Gordon Tonica K.I.A. 6-27-1864
Pvt. Reuben A. Moffett Tonica Died 11-14-1862
Pvt. George W. Swain Tonica Died 12-20-1863
Pvt. David G. Watts Tonica K.I.A. 6-19-1864
Pvt. Samuel Wolf Wenona Died 9-28-1862

Company C

Pvt. Dennis Ballow
Earlville Died 3-6-1863

Company D
Cpl. Samuel H. Mick
Manlius Twp. K.I.A. 12-31-1862
Cpl. William Owens Manlius Twp. K.I.A. 12-31-1862
Pvt. Ezra Badger Manlius Twp. Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Hiram Badger Manlius Twp. Died 1-29-1863
Pvt. Aaron Crandle Manlius Twp. Died 2-4-1864
Pvt. John M. Halley Manlius Twp. Died (Date unknown)
Pvt. Marshall G. Lee Manlius Twp. K.I.A. 5-29-1864
Pvt. John McGinty Ottawa Died 12-17-1862
Pvt. Edwin T. Ralph Manlius Twp. Died 7-16-1863
Pvt. John A. Riley Mission Twp. Died 10-14-1863
Pvt. Clark O. Wickwire Manlius Twp. Died 1-11-1863

Company G

Pvt. John Barrel
Peru K.I.A. 9-20-1863

Company H

Pvt. Samuel F. Armstrong
Mission Twp. Died 11-16-1862
Pvt. Joshua Long Mission Twp. Died 11-10-1863