The Goddess of Liberty - Civil War Monument
Listing of Soldiers

55th Infantry Regiment

Company D
Pvt. Samuel Kittridge
Mendota Died 10- -1863
Pvt. George Smith Mendota M.I.A. 4-6-1862

Company G
Sgt. Charles H. Patterson
LaSalle Died 10-19-1863
Pvt. Michael Humphrey LaSalle K.I.A. 8-3-1864
Pvt. W. J. Kennedy LaSalle Died 6-22-1865
Pvt. Joseph Morehead LaSalle K.I.A. 3-20-1865
Pvt. William H. Morehead Deer Park Twp. Died 4-6-1862

Company I
Pvt. Jesse A. Carpenter
Mendota K.I.A. 4-6-1862
Pvt. Eli C. Cook Mendota Died (Date unknown
Pvt. Adam Henlien Mendota K.I.A. 6-27-1864
Pvt. Charles E. Lull Mendota Died 4- -1862
Pvt. William Nagleschmidt Mendota Died 10-21-1863
Pvt. Michael Rayding Mendota K.I.A.6-19-1864
Pvt. Charles R. Tansey Mendota K.I.A. 4-6-1862
Pvt. Ariel D. White Mendota Died 4- -1862