Firefighter Entry Level Testing

The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners is accepting applications to establish a Firefighter Eligibility Register. Applicants must be 21 years of age and must not have reached their 35th birthday as of October 16, 2019, possess a valid drivers license, be in excellent physical health, and be of good moral character, have a high school diploma from an accredited institution or equivalent. The Board reserves the right to determine the sufficiency of the high school diploma or its equivalent. Starting salary for this position effective May 1, 2018 is $49,460.73 plus a mandatory paramedic stipend of $4,806.25.

All applicants for a position with the fire department shall possess a minimum of a valid EMT-B license issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health (“IDPH”) on the final date for submission of applications to the Board. Applicants must submit a copy of the valid license and any other proof required by the Board. Any license under suspension or review by the IDPH at the time of the close of applications shall be deemed to be an invalid license.

Applicants must be a United States citizen. Residency within 15 months of employment must be maintained within the corporate limits of the City of Ottawa. Applicants must present a valid CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test) with the completed applications. Please contact the Fire Chief at the Ottawa Fire Department with any inquiries regarding this requirement.

In addition to the above requirements, persons appointed from the Final Eligibility Register for the fire department must possess a valid EMT-P license issued from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) at the time of appointment. Any applicant who has not been appointed to a firefighter position within one year after the date of his or her CPAT certification may be required to obtain another valid CPAT certificate prior to appointment. A CPAT is valid for one (1) year from date of issuance. If such applicant fails to obtain a valid CPAT certification when required, the Board may allow such application to remain on the register one time only and select another applicant. If the applicant does not obtain a valid CPAT certification when offered employment again, the Board shall strike the applicant from the Register. Applicants bear the responsibility to submit a copy of the valid license and any other proof the Board requires. The Board reserves the right to strike or pass over a person on the list who does not possess a valid license at the time of appointment.

Application packets may be picked up at the Ottawa City Hall at 301 W. Madison Street, Ottawa, Illinois or can be downloaded online at Completed application packets must be returned to address shown below no later than 4:30 p.m. on October 16, 2019.

Ottawa City Hall – ATTN: Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
301 West Madison Street
Ottawa, Illinois 61350

The Board will begin the testing process with a MANDATORY Orientation immediately preceding the written exam Wednesday, October 23, 2019 on at 5:30 p.m. at Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa, Illinois, 301 West Madison Street, Ottawa, Illinois. FAILURE TO ATTEND THIS ORIENTATION WILL PREVENT FURTHER APPLICATION. The written exam will be immediately following the orientation. The oral test will be conducted on Saturday, December 7, 2019.
Ottawa is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Ottawa Water Department Flushing Schedule Fall 2019

Monday, September 16
• Hydrants on West Marquette Street from Boyce Memorial Drive east to Columbus St.
• Price Subdivision.
• Pickwick, Polk and Piper Streets.
• 1400 Block of West Lafayette Street.
Tuesday, September 17
• Hydrants north of the Fox River from Paul to Champlain Street, including hydrants north to CSX Railroad Tracks.
Wednesday, September 18
• Hydrants from the Illinois River north to the Illinois-Michigan Canal from Chestnut Street east to Clinton Street.
Thursday, September 19
• Hydrants on Madison Street from Boyce Memorial Drive east to Sycamore Street and north to the I-M Canal.
Friday, September 20
• Hydrants on West Main Street from Fillmore Street west to Boyce Memorial Drive and south to Ottawa Avenue.

Monday, September 23
• Hydrants south of Illinois Avenue and west of Leland to the Illinois River.
• Hydrants on Phelps Street from Boyce Memorial Drive to Elm Street, Cactus Street, Vine Street and Fern Street, including Pilkington.
Tuesday, September 24
• Hydrants on the east side located between the Fox and Illinois Rivers, including Canal Road.
Wednesday, September 25
• Downtown/Columbus & LaSalle Streets
• Heritage Harbor
Thursday, September 26
• Hydrants from Hitt Street south to College Avenue from State Street west to City limits.
Friday, September 27
• South of Illinois River from State Street east to City limits and south to Watson Street.

Monday September 30
• All of Tomahawk Terrace/Indian Village Subdivision.
• McKinley Road from Catherine Street east to Dakota Drive and south to Southtown Mall, and the 1400 block of Catherine Street
Tuesday October 1
• White Lane and Parks Lane west to University Avenue from Gentleman Road south to View Street.
Wednesday October 2
• The 900-1200 blocks of Marcy Street.
• 700, 800 & 900 blocks of 4-H Road, north to College Avenue, Briarcrest Subdivision east to Adams Street.
Thursday October 3
• West McKinley Road from Catherine Street west to Dairy Lane and south to Jeremiah Ln.
Friday October 4
• West McKinley Road and Pembrook Subdivision.