City of Ottawa seeking a Code Enforcement Official

Qualifications: Shall have such experience and training as necessary for the performance of duties. Shall be in good health and physically capable of making the necessary examinations and inspections. Basic knowledge of the International Residential code and the International Building code. Should be able to type proficiently, operate Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. GIS experience is preferred but not required. Must have excellent communication skills. Construction experience, as well as, having current building and inspection certifications are a bonus. If candidate does not have current Building and Code inspector certifications, they must be obtained within two year of date of hire.

Code Enforcement Duties: To enforce the provisions of the City of Ottawa’s Zoning Ordinance, Municipal Code and the International Property Maintenance Code as they apply to nuisances, nuisance abatement and property maintenance. Duties shall include prompt investigation of complaints from citizens, other departments or members of the city council. Shall establish case files for each complaint and keep accurate records of all inspections, correspondence and final disposition of each case. Shall issue citations when reasonably necessary, with the Order to Appear.

Assistant Building Official Duties: Will assist the Building Official with plan reviews, issuing permits, building inspections, floodplain permits, and daily assistance with individuals applying for permits, zoning questions and construction requirements.

Full time position with full benefits. Salary depending on qualifications and experience.

Mail cover letter, resume, salary history and references to Mayor Dan Aussem, City of Ottawa, 301 West Madison Street, Ottawa, IL 61350 or via email to by May 31, 2019. No phone calls.

Community Garden

Ottawa is Blooming is very excited to have you be part of Ottawa’s Community Garden. A community garden means many things to many people; a community garden to some may be a place to grow food and herbs, while others may choose to simply grow flowers, connect with nature, relieve stress or just enjoy being outdoors. Others may take part in the garden to be a part of the community and share their knowledge and love of gardening.

Regardless of why you have chosen to be part of the garden, we welcome you and look forward to seeing you at the garden.

Happy growing!

Our Mission:

The mission of the Ottawa Community Garden is to provide a space for community members to come together and garden while enhancing the environment and the quality of living Ottawa. As well as, serve as a community-building and educational resource centered on dignity and respect for each other and the environment.

Community Garden Application

Garden Coordinators:

Tami Koppen, City Planner 815-433-0161 x. 240

Stephanie Stacy, ASHS Certified Horticulturist 815-530-9577


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